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Bench Construction

The construction of the Octo Bench is different to most benches on the market at present.

  • The tabletop has 8 supports whereas most standard benches have 4

  • Grade 5 CCA treated structional pine is used

  • The wood profile is 110mm x 35mm

  • The seats are screwed onto a rigid frame which makes the structure of the bench a lot more robust

  • No nuts and bolts are used - the structure is glued and screwed

  • No screws are visable

  • The benches are varnished with 4 coats of Rystix Armadek long life, tough, weatherproof, UV resistant acrylic sealer

Benches are varnished in the following colours:

 Antique White

*Mahogany has proven to be the most popular colour

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